If you’ve visited the Login Business Lounge recently, whether to co-work, hot desk or to pick up lunch, you may have discovered their beautiful, hand-painted cups when served a fresh cup of coffee.

We caught up with the team at Login, who shared their story behind the cups….

“Five years ago, Login’s Managing Director, Steve, visited South Africa and returned with a hand-painted Espresso cup that he used every day. He fell in love with the simple, yet colourful design – it represented his view of the world: diverse, exciting and not as big as we tend to imagine (in the sense that we all share similar challenges).

Fast forward to 2021, when Steve was creating the design concept for Login, he drew inspiration from the pattern that was painted on his very own Espresso cup. It began to creep in, first in the colours (we needed more than just orange!), then in the pattern.

We also needed an area to keep our members fuelled with tea and coffee during their stay with us. Discovery of an eccentric Tuk Tuk was the perfect fit, which we transported from India and upcycled into a coffee station. It now proudly sits at the back of Login and is where you’ll find our barista producing speciality coffee for our members.

The next logical step was to produce some branded coffee cups that matched everything else we’d produced. Our first thought is always to source locally, so we began the search for a pottery supplier who could produce the design for us, however, it didn’t quite sit right with us that an artist in Africa had created the pattern and here we were, using it to decorate a coworking space in leafy, affluent Surrey.

If we were going to do this, then we needed to make a difference along the way. So, we tracked down the original pottery maker in Africa and commissioned them to make all of our hand-painted cups. They were delighted with the cash-injection into their business and involved the whole community with the production.

We hope you’ll agree that they look amazing! And, the coffee they serve in them is pretty awesome, too.”

It was great to catch up with the team at Login and gain a glimpse into the stories surrounding the fantastic detail in every area of the space. Not only is the space a great place to connect and collaborate but it provides endless inspiration and creativity.