Christmas time means showtime at PizzaExpress. So gather friends and family, and throw on your finest party attire. Then settle into a festive cocktail. Jingle Bell-ini, anyone? Get ready for a symphony of flavours ft. Dough Balls in Blankets wrapped in crispy pancetta.

Choose from two very special festive pizzas –The Romana Porchetta, topped with slow-cooked, pulled pork, and the Romana Mushroom and Truffle, drizzled in truffle oil.

And the grand finale, their indulgent Snowball Dough Ball Christmas Tree. In the mood for an encore? Shake things up with a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Make the evening a showstopper, with flavours savoured and memories made. The festive stage is set and it’s time to take your seat.

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