Growing Together: Empowering ASD Talent to create green Spaces

The Atrium and The Autism Trust (TAT) have joined forces on a ‘Planters Project’.

This partnership aims to create bee-friendly planters using reclaimed pallets donated by The Atrium tenants. TAT’s talented members, known for their ‘ARTism’ expertise, will add vibrant decorations to bring the planters to life.

The project is more than just gardening. TAT’s programme at Polly’s Place empowers individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through ASDAN training and horticulture, equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge. Trained members will actively maintain and nurture the planters, showcasing their talents while nurturing beautiful plants.

This collaboration involves key stakeholders, including the centre manager and team, ABM, Churchill Group, and G4S. Their support and volunteer efforts are integral to the project’s success.
Planters will be placed at the entrance and behind the hoarding, accommodating the individual preferences of TAT members. This inclusive approach allows for public appreciation while respecting privacy.

Stay tuned across our social media platforms for updates on the ‘Planters Project’!

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